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Assembly of Government

Thursday, September 29, 2005

 Watch and Hear Board Meeting (2hrs 44min; in 225kbps RealPlayer ™ format)

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  1. Presentations on the Status of Affordable Housing in Orange County
    1. Affordable Housing Policies/Requirements in Chapel Hill, Orange County, Hillsborough, and Carrboro
    2. Update on the County's affordable housing plan in light of the last five years of construction - what does the ground show us?
      • Are we meeting the needs and/or goals articulated in the 2005-2010 County plan?
  2. Defining County-Wide Goals
    1. Should there be a county-wide goal or percentage of increased affordable housing?
    2. How can we attain such a goal?
  3. Jointly Owned Governmental Land
    1. How do we develop affordable housing on those properties - example: 25 acres of the Greene Tract?
    2. What other avenues are there to develop the property?
  4. Mechanisms to Reach the Goal
    1. Agreed upon plan to implement in all jurisdictions involving actual numbers
    2. Use of low-income tax credit programs
    3. Use of more frugal/cheaper building alternatives
    4. Use of any other mechanism to maintain the affordable housing stock
    5. Rental vs. Ownership
  5. District Election of County Commissioners
  6. Solid Waste Issues

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